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Popular topics & questions that may be included in your no obligation needs analysis include:

  • How investors can avoid common costly financial mistakes.
  • How to protect the principal in IRAs, 401Ks, and retirement savings and
    lock-in gains periodically.
  • How to stay invested in the markets while managing your risks.
  • How to earn higher returns on low interest accounts.
  • How to protect your income and avoid outliving your assets.
  • How to potentially save significant amounts on your income tax each year.
  • How to potentially reduce Taxes on Investment Income & Social Security.
  • How to minimize Capital Gains Taxes on highly appreciated assets and property.
  • How to protect your Assets from Long Term Care expenses without purchasing traditional nursing home insurance.
  • How to set up a Living Trust and reduce or eliminate Federal Estate taxes.
  • How to structure IRAs to reduce Federal & State Income Taxes to Heirs.
  • How to spend your children’s inheritance & still pass wealth to heirs.